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This year 2019 marks the 70th anniversary of the "Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles", in order to commemorate this important event, the URE, the Spanish IARU member society, announces the following Special Prize to all licensed radio amateurs and SWL from all over the world.


Contacts can be made using any mode or band from 160 meters to 6 meters with the 14 different AM70 special stations. The suffixes of the 14 special stations are each one of the letters of the URE in Spanish, except the one with the letter "Ñ" which will be replaced by the URE headquarters special station AM70URE.




And so, the 14 special station callsigns are:


AM70URE (Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles) also AM70URE/6 (Balearic Islands), AM70URE/8 (Canary Islands), AM70URE/9 (Ceuta and Melilla)
AM70A, AM70C, AM70D, AM70E, AM70F, AM70I, AM70L, AM70N, AM70O, AM70P, AM70R, AM70S y AM70U



From 1st April 2019 at 0000z to 9th June 2019 (2359z)



There are three different categories, depending on the number of AM70 stations the requestor has contacted (or SWL reports in the case of SWLs)




European stations: For stations with at least 9 contacts with different AM70 stations in any band or mode.


Stations outside Europe: for stations with at least 6 contacts with different AM70 stations, on any band or mode



European stations
: For stations with contacts on at least 3 different bands with at least 9 AM70 stations on each one of those bands, on any mode.


Stations outside of Europe: for stations with contacts on at least 3 different bands, with at least 6 AM70 stations on each one of those bands, on any mode.



European stations: For stations with contacts on at least 3 different bands with all 14 of the  AM70 stations on each one of those bands, on any mode.


Stations outside Europe: For stations with contacts on at least 3 different bands with at least 10 AM70 stations on each one of those bands, on any mode


All the diplomas will indicate the name and callsign of the requestor and the position obtained in their DXCC entity for the total number of valid QSOs. Diplomas will be available for free in PDF format.




Special Medal:

A special Medal will be awarded in the following different categories to the top participants that achieve the highest number of different contacts with the AM70 stations on different bands and modes. These top performers will receive their trophy directly at their home free of charge.


World top 20:                         For the 20 highest scorers worldwide

North America top 5:            For the 5 highest scorers in North America

South America top 5:            For the 5 highest scorers in South America

Asia top 5:                              For the 5 highest scorers in Asia

Africa top 5                            For the 5 highest scorers in Africa

Oceania top 5                        For the 5 highest scorers in Oceania


Any other participant can request the special medal directly from the shop in the webpage.


For ranking purposes, contacts will be valid on each of the following 3 modes: 1-SSB; 2- CW and 3. Digital modes, and on each of the 160m, 80m, 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, 15m, 12m, 10m and 6m bands. Each band/mode contact only counts once, duplicate contacts are not taken into account for the ranking. In case of a draw, the station who completed the last QSO first will be win.


Online log consultation and the position of participants in the QSO ranking can be followed daily on the website


The log will be updated every 24 hours. Repeat contacts are recommended if a contact with a station is not reflected on the online log.



Those participants classified in each category can freely download their personalized diploma in PDF format from the official website. We do not require logs to be submitted since the online log is available on the web.


SWLs should send their lists of stations received up until July, 1st to and their diploma will be sent by email.


The top stations classified in each category ranking will receive free of charge by post the special medal. The list of candidates will be updated on the website daily. Once the event is concluded, stations should send an email to to confirm their postal address. 


If a participant wishes to receive a printed diploma on high quality paper, they may request it at a cost of EUR 8 for one copy, EUR 10 for two copys and EUR 15 for three or four copys. Postal charges are included.


If a participant wishes to receive the Special Medal they may request it a cost of EUR 25. Postal charges are included.


Trophies and diplomas can be requested directly at the website 

LW8EXS and IK3GIG sends us a template in Excel format regarding the activity for the 70th anniversary of URE and thus be able to take better control of the stations that still need to contact. Each field must be completed with the number "1".
Download now


DIPLOMA TPEA Did you think you had finished? Now we suggest a new challenge, to contact the 52 Spanish provinces within the Diploma of the 70th Anniversary of URE.

All provinces already contacted with the different AM70 stations from April 1 to June 9 will be also valid.

The diploma will be in MIXED mode so it will only be necessary to work the different provinces in any band or mode.

A Special 70th Anniversary TPEA Diploma will be awarded to:
Spanish stations:
Awarded to the stations contacting the 52 Spanish provinces.

Stations in Europe:
Awarded to the stations contacting at least 40 different Spanish provinces.

Stations outside of Europe:
Awarded to the stations contacting at least 30 different Spanish provinces.

In order to know the provinces you have worked we have deployed in the logs browser your summary of all the provinces contacted so far.

Also in the menu "Active stations" you can know in real time which provinces are active.

In the coming weeks some URE members will be active from the most wanted provinces. These activities will be announced at least 24 hours in advance and will focus on the 20 and 40 meter bands. Stay tuned to our website!

The diplomas will be available to download on the web.

The SWL stations may also request their diplomas via e-mail at



¿Pensabas que ya habías terminado? Ahora te proponemos un nuevo reto que es contactar con las 52 provincias españolas dentro del Diploma del 70 Aniversario de URE.

Serán validas todas las provincias ya contactadas desde el día 1 de abril al 9 de junio con las diferentes estaciones AM70.

El diploma será en modo MIXTO por lo que solo será necesario trabajar las diferentes provincias en cualquier banda o modo.

Se otorgará Diploma TPEA Especial 70 Aniversario a:
Estaciones españolas:
Se otorgará a las estaciones que contacte con las 52 provincias españolas.

Estaciones en Europa:
Se otorgará a las estaciones que contacten con al menos 40 provincias españolas diferentes.

Estaciones de fuera de Europa:
Se otorgará a las estaciones que contacten con al menos 30 provincias españolas diferentes.

Para conocer las provincias trabajadas hemos habilitado en el buscador de Logs tu resumen de todas las provincias contactadas hasta el momento.

También en el menú “Estaciones activas” podrás conocer en tiempo real que provincias están activas.

En las próximas semanas algunos socios de URE trataran de estar activos desde las provincias más buscadas. Estas actividades serán anunciadas con al menos 24 horas de antelación y se centraran en las bandas de 20 y 40 metros. Estar muy atentos a nuestra web!!.

Los diplomas estarán disponibles para descargar en la web.

La estaciones SWL podrán solicitar también sus diplomas vía e-mail a



Dachten Sie, Sie wären fertig? Jetzt schlagen wir eine neue Herausforderung vor, die 52 spanischen Provinzen innerhalb des Diploms des 70. Jahrestages von URE zu kontaktieren.

Alle Provinzen, die vom 1. April bis zum 9. Juni bereits mit den verschiedenen AM70-Stationen in Kontakt gekommen sind, sind ebenfalls gültig.

Das Diplom wird im MIXED-Modus sein, so dass nur die verschiedenen Provinzen in einem beliebigen Band oder in einem anderen Modus gearbeitet werden müssen.

Ein TPEA-Diplom zum 70-jährigen Jubiläum wird verliehen an:
Spanische Stationen:
Es wird an die Stationen vergeben, die die 52 spanischen Provinzen kontaktieren.

Stationen in Europa:
Sie wird an die Stationen vergeben, die mindestens 40 verschiedene spanische Provinzen kontaktieren.

Stationen außerhalb Europas:
Es wird den Stationen gewährt, die mindestens 30 verschiedene spanische Provinzen kontaktieren.

Um die Provinzen zu sehen,die sie gearbeitet haben, haben wir im Protokollbrowser Ihre Zusammenfassung aller bisher kontaktierten Provinzen bereitgestellt.

Auch im Menü "Aktive Stationen" können Sie in Echtzeit erkennen, welche Provinzen aktiv sind.

In den kommenden Wochen werden einige URE-Mitglieder aus den meistgesuchten Provinzen aktiv sein. Diese Aktivitäten werden mindestens 24 Stunden im Voraus angekündigt und konzentrieren sich auf das 20- und 40-Meter-Band. Bleiben Sie dran auf unserer Website!

Die Diplome können im Internet unter heruntergeladen werden.

Die SWL-Stationen können ihre Diplome auch per E-Mail unter anfordern



Pensavi di aver finito? Ora proponiamo una nuova sfida che è quella di contattare le 52 province spagnole all’interno del Diploma del 70 ° Anniversario dell’URE.

Sono da considerarsi valide tutte le province già contattate dal 1° aprile al 9 giugno con le diverse stazioni AM70.

Il diploma esisterà solo in modo MISTO e quindi sarà necessario lavorare le diverse province indipendentemente dal modo e dalla banda.

Un Diploma TPEA Speciale 70 sarà assegnato a:
Stazioni Spagnole:
Si otterrà il diploma collegando tutte le 52 province spagnole.

Stazioni in Europa:
Si otterrà il diploma collegando almeno 40 province spagnole differenti.

Stazioni Extraeuropee:
Si otterrà il diploma collegando almeno 30 province spagnole differenti.

Per conoscere le province lavorate abbiamo abilitato nelle funzioni di ricerca dei log il prospetto con tutte le province contattate finora.

Inoltre nel menù “Stazioni Attive” potrai vedere in tempo reale quali province sono attive.

Nelle prossime settimane alcuni soci della URE cercheranno di essere attivi dalle province più ricercate. Queste attività saranno annunciate con almeno 24 ore di preavviso e si saranno concentrate sulle bande dei 20 e 40m. Tieni d’occhio il nostro sito!

I diplomi saranno disponibile per essere scaricati dal sito web

Le stazioni SWL potranno richiedere il proprio diploma via e-mail a:



Pensez-vous que vous avez terminé?.Nous proposons maintenant un nouveau défi consistant à contacter les 52 provinces Espagnoles dans le cadre du diplôme du 70e anniversaire de l'URE.

Toutes les provinces déjà contactées du 1er avril au 9 juin seront valables avec les différentes stations AM70.

Le diplôme sera en mode MIXTE uniquement , il ne vous sera donc nécessaire que de travailler les différentes provinces dans n'importe quel bande ou mode.

Un diplôme spécial sera attribué , le TPEA du 70e anniversaire, qui sera remis a:
Stations Espagnoles:
Il sera attribué aux stations Espagnoles qui auront contacté les 52 provinces espagnoles.

Stations en Europe:
Il sera attribué aux stations Européennes qui auront contacté au moins 40 provinces Espagnoles différentes.

Stations hors Europe:
Il sera attribué aux autres stations qui auront contacté au moins 30 provinces Espagnoles différentes.

Pour connaître les provinces Espagnoles , nous avons activé dans le moteur de recherche votre récapitulatif de toutes les provinces contactées jusqu’à présent.

Toujours dans le menu "Stations actives", vous pourrez savoir en temps réel quelles provinces sont actives.

Au cours des prochaines semaines, certains membres de l'URE essaieront d'être actifs depuis les provinces les plus recherchées.

Ces activités seront annoncées au moins 24 heures à l’avance, et seront actives sur les bandes des 20 et 40 mètres. Soyez très attentif à notre site Web!

Les diplômes pourront être téléchargés sur le web

Les stations SWL pourront également demander leurs diplômes par courrier électronique à:



Ты думаешь, что уже всего достиг? Мы же предлагаем тебе новую цель, а именно – провести связи с 52-мя испанскими провинциями в рамках диплома, посвящённого 70-летию Союза Испанских Радиолюбителей, URE.

Засчитываются связи, проведённые с провинциями, начиная с 1-го апреля и до 9-го июня с разными станциями, использующими префикс AM70.

Диплом выдаётся только в режиме MIXT (смешанный), поэтому нужно просто провести связи с провинциями на любом диапазоне и любым видом излучения.

Специальный диплом TPEA, посвящённый 70-летию URE выдаётся:

За проведение связей с 52-мя провинциями Испании.

За проведение связей с не менее, чем 40-ка разными провинциями Испании

За проведение связей с 30-ю разными провинциями Испании.

Проверить свои связи можно через онлайн лог:

Также, через меню «активные станции» можно увидеть в реальном времени, станции из каких провинций активны на данный момент.

В течение ближайших недель члены URE будут активны из наиболее редких провинций Испании. Об этом будет сообщаться не менее, чем за 24 часа до начала работы. Основная их активность будет сконцентрирована на 40 и 20 метров. Следите за нашей WEB страницей!!!

Дипломы можно будет скачать с:

Наблюдатели, SWL, также могут подавать заявки на этот диплом.

Unión de Radioaficionados Españoles - Avda. Monte Igueldo nº 102 - 28053 Madrid - Spain - Tel: +34914771413